Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is C.Ronaldo really 'player of the year' material?

We all know that Christiano Ronaldo is an excellent player, but is he really the best (at least this year)? First, we know that he scored a total of 40 goals and that is something remarkable, but does he have other skills? C.Ronaldo always attempts to dribble at any occasion; does some tricks that few can do on the field. However, it looks like he never dribbles through the opposition player. Otherwise, his passing skills is not so great and results to passing if he can't dribble. Does he truly deserve to be 2007 - 2008 player of the year? Another candidate would of course be Lionel Messi. He actually does dribble through players, great controlling, and passes a lot too. Well, that is just my opinion.

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