Monday, May 5, 2008

Debate: C. Ronaldo vs Messi

These two players are the uprising youngsters, with the 20 year old Argentine who is a regular starter and the main play maker and Ronaldo who is 23 and has scored 40 goals this season. Some say that the flaws of the Portuguese is that he dribble to much instead of passing. Also he is known to dive when there is very little contact. On the other hand Messi is a perfect player, except that he does not have a lot of strength to fight for the ball.

This is a tough competition


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that messi is one of the best players in the world with alot of potential!

But that is a future prospect!

Right now and for atleast a couple years to come, Cristiano Ronaldo is and will be the best player in the world!

those who say he dives too much and make up so many excuses are just tryin to find ways out of stating the obvious!

Anonymous said...

Cristiano is a ghost, he only know how to do things to make people think everytime more and more that que is silly, However, Messi does an easy, efective and incredible football without stupid things that anybody understand, cristiano is more interested in cameras than in playing, that's the reason which one day, will put Messi in the site that he he has to be, well, now he is already but one day, not far away, he will be oficially recognised as the best football pleyer in the world

sigit said...

I choose messi.. He is have better atitude than Ronaldo... The true of big star...