Saturday, May 17, 2008

Danke 'Titan' Oli

Oliver Kahn made his last appearance of his career when the home side Bayern beat Hertha Berlin 4-1. Kahn has played for Bayern for 14 years, he joined Bayern in the 94-95 season when he was bought for 2.5 million. Over these years he was able to win a lot of trophies with the German giants. They won the Bundesliga 8 times, the German cup 6 times, UEFA cup in 1996 and the champions league in 2001. This is only with Bayern he has won the European cup once with Germany, and came second in the world cup 2002. This is where he impressed millions all over the world. He single handedly brought Germany to the finals. That year he won the MVP award and the best goal keeper award. Kahn has accomplished so many things during his career that he will never forget, and today we said goodbye and thank you to the legend.
Danke Oli Oli Kahn.

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great oli and thanks oli