Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer transfers

Amauri- Juventus, under going medical
C.Ronaldo- Real Madrid, pondering transfer possibility
Pique- Barcelona, confirmed
Morinho- Inter, big possibility

more transfers on the way.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unbeleivale results in Moscow

Chelsea were the dominating side throughout the whole game, however Man U were able to luckily win the Champions league. Chelsea had 6 major chances which 2 hit the post and one where there should of been a penalty. On the other hand Manchester United only had 2 major chances, showing how utterly hopeless they were in the game. John Terry missed the winning penalty which would of brought the title to chelsea, however he slipped and hit the post. Anelka then missed the penalty where Va der Sar saved and Manchester won the Champions league.

I think that Chelsea deserved the win, and that Manchester United are one-man dependent on C. Ronaldo.

Say what you think about the results here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chelsea the ultimate favorite

Chelsea are the favorite to win the Champions league in Moscow. Chelsea who lost the premiere ship by two points will be looking to win against their bitter rivals Manchester. This is the first time that Chelsea get to the finals of the champions league and if they win their Coach who has had a lot of criticism's , might have a chance to stay. It is do or die for Avram Grant.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Inter dont deserve it

Inter Milan is by far the last team in the serie A who deserves to win the scudetto! They have no team play they only pass it to Ibrahimovic who does the work for them. Also they have to worst player in the world Matterazi. Matterazi is a diver who wastes time so that the other team loses its chances of wining, he does insane fouls, and should not be considered as a professional.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Danke 'Titan' Oli

Oliver Kahn made his last appearance of his career when the home side Bayern beat Hertha Berlin 4-1. Kahn has played for Bayern for 14 years, he joined Bayern in the 94-95 season when he was bought for 2.5 million. Over these years he was able to win a lot of trophies with the German giants. They won the Bundesliga 8 times, the German cup 6 times, UEFA cup in 1996 and the champions league in 2001. This is only with Bayern he has won the European cup once with Germany, and came second in the world cup 2002. This is where he impressed millions all over the world. He single handedly brought Germany to the finals. That year he won the MVP award and the best goal keeper award. Kahn has accomplished so many things during his career that he will never forget, and today we said goodbye and thank you to the legend.
Danke Oli Oli Kahn.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chelsea in trouble

Chelsea might have two of their main players out for the Champions league finals in Moscow. John Terry and Didier Drogba are the two who might now make it. Terry is suffering from a dislocated elbow and Drogba has a knee problems. Although their are reports saying Drogba will make it but Terry will most likely set to miss the grande finale.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Inter struggling

Inter Milan are at the top of the table ahead by 1 point, in front of Roma.However they have struggled to win any games in the past 2 games which could of been a title decider. Next weekend Inter play Parma and a win will assure them the title, however if they tie or lose they will risk losing the title to Roma.Roma play Catania and should be a easy win. IT is all up to Inter to win,
will they?

Manchester Champions!

Manchester United were able to beat Wigan 2-0 goals from ronaldo and giggs, today to confirm their 10th title. Chelsea on the other hand tied against bolton 1-1. Chelsea took the lead with Shevchenko but Bolton tied in the dying minutes of the game. However even if Chelsea had won Manchester would of won on goal difference.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guardila the new coach

After Barcelona's embarrassing defeat against Madrid, Laporta announced that Frank Rijkaard is set to leave Barca. As his replacement Guardiola was called up to lead them for the 2008/2009 season.

Barca left flat footed

Real Madrid played an incredible match against their bitter rivals Barcelona, defeating them 4-1 at Santiago Bernabau. It was the champions who opened the game in the 12 minute when Raul was able to curl one in past Victor Valdes. During the game it was all about Madrid, Barca did not make any real chances and Real just kept scoring. Who contributed to the 4 goals were Raul, Robben, Higuain and Van Nistelrooy. For Barcelona it was Henry who was abe to put it in the net in the dying moments of the game. The game ended in a huge disapointment for the Barcelona players and coach frank rijkaard who appeard in his last el Clásico. As for the Madrid they can celebrate their 31 league title.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is C.Ronaldo really 'player of the year' material?

We all know that Christiano Ronaldo is an excellent player, but is he really the best (at least this year)? First, we know that he scored a total of 40 goals and that is something remarkable, but does he have other skills? C.Ronaldo always attempts to dribble at any occasion; does some tricks that few can do on the field. However, it looks like he never dribbles through the opposition player. Otherwise, his passing skills is not so great and results to passing if he can't dribble. Does he truly deserve to be 2007 - 2008 player of the year? Another candidate would of course be Lionel Messi. He actually does dribble through players, great controlling, and passes a lot too. Well, that is just my opinion.

Arguments between Madrid and Arsenal

All football clubs are interested in Cesc Fabregas, but Real Madrid are the only ones to make a stunning approach to the player. Ramon Calderon recently tried to lure Fabregas to join Madrid by stating how they would love for him to join them next season and if he wants to leave Arsenal that they will be waiting. Arsene Wenger was absolutely shocked of the way Calderon tried to lure the play maker away from Arsenal. HE says that if they want to buy him they will have to ask the club first and not the player.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A feud over Berbatov

Real Madrid recently offered 25 million pounds for Dimitar Berbatov. Tottenham wants Berbatov to commit to the contract that he has for another four years and responded to Real Madrid's bid by giving him a salary of 90,000 pounds per week. However, Juande Ramos is willing to sell him if he fails to commit to the contract. Will Berbatov stay?

Debate: C. Ronaldo vs Messi

These two players are the uprising youngsters, with the 20 year old Argentine who is a regular starter and the main play maker and Ronaldo who is 23 and has scored 40 goals this season. Some say that the flaws of the Portuguese is that he dribble to much instead of passing. Also he is known to dive when there is very little contact. On the other hand Messi is a perfect player, except that he does not have a lot of strength to fight for the ball.

This is a tough competition


Hleb-Inter: in talks
Flamini-Milan: completed
Amauri-Juventus: almost a done deal
Barry-Liverpool: negotiating
Jimenez-Inter: done deal, the on loan player completed a move to inter with 10 million euros.
Makoun-Arsenal: in talks
Ben Arfa-Arsenal: in talks
Bosingwa-Chelsea completed

Can Chelsea still win the league?

Chelsea has recently won against Newcastle United 2-0 with the help of Malouda and Ballack. With Manchester United leading with a better goal difference, Chelsea can only win the title if they have a better result than Manchester United. On Sunday 11, a decisive game for both teams as Manchester United verse Wigan at JJB stadium and Chelsea versing Bolton at Stamford Bridge. Is there hope still left in Chelsea or is Manchester United going grab their 2nd consecutive league win?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scudetto not yet

Inter Milan were hoping to win the title this after noon against A.C Milan. However Kaka and Inzaghi had something to tell them. Cruz came back with a freekick goal but it was not enough for them to get back into the game. So inter will have to win their next match to win the scudetto.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Debate: who is the better player, C.Ronaldo or Ronaldinho?

This is one of the hardest questions asked in football. On one hand there is ROnaldo who scored 40 goals this season for Manchester United. And on the other hand theres Ronaldinho who couple years back brought Barca to the finals of the Champions league and won it.

This is an online debate, comment and give your own opinion

Barca set to sell their first team?

Barcelona, who recently lost to Manchester United in the semi finals of the Champions league decided that they need to re-format their team. This is Barcelona's second year running that they have not won a trophy. The first thing they are set to do is axe Frank Rijkaard. To follow him are: Ronaldinho who has not been seen lately on the pitch, Thierry Henry, who had difficulties settling in and wants a Premier league return.Theseare the two major players who are set to leave. Who are set to follow them are: Deco, Thuram, Edmílson, Márquez,Gudjohnsen, Zambrotta, Ezquerro,Sylvinho.

Ronaldinho to MIlan?

Milan are in money crisis, with 24 million Euro's in debt. They are the closest in the race to sign Ronaldinho. However Barcelona demanded a fey that Milan can not match. So Milan are considering of selling Ricardo Kaka to pay off the debt and to buy Ronaldinho.